Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods
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Lake of the Woods is world renowned for its rugged natural beauty and is an attraction in itself. But scattered throughout the Lake of the Woods vacation area are many other jewels that will catch your attention.

Native Pictographs: The rocks and cliffs around Lake of the Woods are dotted with 5000 year old rock paintings made of berry juice and sap painted by various aboriginal groups and are considered sacred sites. The sites are to be treated with respect, and people should leave an offering when they visit – be it tobacco or some other meaningful item. They are boat accessible only.

Museums: The Lake of the Woods vacation area is home to several museums that carefully preserve and present the colourful history of the Lake of the Woods area and communities. At the south end of Lake of the Woods in Rainy River is the Railway Museum that takes you back to the time of the steam engine in the form of the fully restored 4008 steam locomotive. Emo is home to the Pioneer Museum displays pioneer artifacts that tell the history of the area. Morson is the site of Tomahawk Lighthouse built in the 1900’s and was a beacon to lake traffic until 1962. Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung Historical Centre at Stratton – a 7000 year trip back in time including burial mounds and interpretative centre. The Lake of the Woods Museum in Kenora has over 15,000 early settler remnants and aboriginal artifacts. Also in Kenora is the Lake of the Woods Railroad Museum – a caboose and diesel locomotive museum with railway artifacts and memorabilia – plus one of the largest operational model railways in western Canada.

Murals: Kenora is home to 21 unique murals that depict Kenora history, culture, recreation. Walking tours available. Guided and self guided walking tours available

Concerts: Open air concerts take place during the summer months in Kenora and Sioux Narrows.

Other attractions include an unique bottle house in Redditt, 30 minutes north of Kenora; the Norman Dam which controls the flow of the Lake of the Woods into the Winnipeg River; a cruise on the MS Kenora, the Sioux Narrows bridge – which at 210 feet was the longest single span wooden bridge in the world. Due to safety concerns, the bridge was rebuilt in 2007, with the timbers from the old bridge incorporated into the new structure and the truss appearance preserved. Check out the giant Inukshuk at Sioux Narrows and Nestor Falls between Lake Kakabikitchiwan and Sabaskong Bay.

Spend a day, a week, a month exploring all the Lake of the Woods has to offer.

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